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meet the ingredients

it's pretty important, if not essential, for you to know what's in your product. we're very transparent when it comes to this: completely natural ingredients. what are they? scroll down and find out!


essential oils for aromatherapy

a lot of cosmetic brands resort to cheaper lab-made fragrance oils. these can be irritating to the skin, and hold no benefit.

unlike fragrance oils, essential oils aren't artificial. they carry all the rich vitamins, proteins, enzymes and antioxidants from nature. this is what we use to guarantee you a fully natural therapeutic experience.


kaolin clay instead of chemical whitening

unlike most soap makers, we choose not to whiten our soaps with the chemical titanium dioxide, as it may cause skin cancer. 

we use kaolin clay which produces a slightly paler off-white. an added benefit is it absorbs extra oil without drying your skin. it is much milder, making it ideal for everyone. other colours are made using cosmetic grade mica powder.


virgin oils, raw butters and natural clays

there's a reason why our ancestors used raw ingredients for their skin, now you can find out too.

we use unprocessed, raw, natural ingredients in our soaps. ingredients are locally sourced and prized for their unmatched antioxidants profile and endless benefits for your skin and overall health.


"i've had eczema all my life and i've never been comfortable using soaps because they irritate my skin. i'm glad i tried your products, i have absolutely no irritation and my skin feels great!"

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